How to Create Facebook Page Shop/Store

We are going to discuss how to create a Facebook page Shop/Store. First of all, If you have any ECommerce website you can easily create your online Facebook Shop/Store. By using the Facebook page you can easily create a shop and store for you or your client.

You can give Freelance Services with Facebook page shop creation skills on Fiverr. If you are confused how to create a Facebook page. I am going to tell you how to create a page for you and for your clients.

  • Facebook Business Page Creation
  • Facebook Shop Creation

Let’s Proceed for Facebook Business Page Creation:

  • First Go to
  • Then Click on Pages Located on Left Side or Click on + symbol Locate on the Main tab near Messenger.

Facebook Page Creation |                             Facebook Page Creation |


  • Now Click on Create New Page.

Facebook Page Creation |

  • Add Your page name or brand name.
  • Add Your category.
  • Describe the page or brand.
  • Upload Logo or Profile Pic. Desktop Friendly FB Profile image size is (180 pixels wide x 180 pixels wide).
  • Upload Cover Photo. Desktop Friendly FB Cover image size is (820 pixels wide by 312 pixels) tall and For mobile user is (640 pixels wide by 360 pixels) tall.

Facebook Page Creation |

  • And Click on Create Page.
  • Click on Create Username and create name

Facebook Page Creation |

  • And click Save.
  • Congratulation your page is created by yourself.

For Suggestion to Work on Fiverr:

Following Requirements, You need to get detail from a client for the creation of a Facebook Page.

  1. Business Name
  2. Address or Location (Where Client is operating their Business)
  3. Phone Number (With Country code)
  4. Business Email Address
  5. Website Like
  6. Working Hours or Timing for opening and closing.
  7. CTA (Call To Action) Button (Contact Us, Email, Shop Now, Learn More)
  8. About Description (Max 255 words)
  9. Long Description
  10. Privacy Policy (optional)

  • Now Click on Setting Located on Right Side bar.

Facebook Page Creation |

  • And Click on Page info
  • So put your Client given detail into the page info section and the page Automatically Save.


Facebook Shop/Store Creation:

Now We will Go on the next step that is shop/store creation. First of all shop and store is a platform where you can sell your products and buy their products.

After Creation of Business page Now Following are the steps to create a Facebook Shop:

  • Click on Templates and tabs situated under Page info.

Template and tabs for Facebook Shop |

  • Now ON the shop tab in Template and tabs.

Template and tabs for Facebook Shop |

  • Now scroll up and click on Edit.

Template and tabs for Facebook Shop |

  • Then Select Shopping and Apply Template.

Template and tabs for Facebook Shop | Template and tabs for Facebook Shop |

  • Now go to Home of your page and click on More and then Shop.
  • When you click on Shop One Pop up appears in front of you.
  • Click on Agree on pop up named (Set Up Your Shop Section) and click on Continue.

Set Up Your Shop Section |

  • Again Popup Appear and will show 2 things First is a Message to buy and the second is Check Out on Another Website. You just check one of them and click on continue.

Set Up Your Shop Section |

  • Now Select your currency and Click on Save.

Set Up Your Shop Section |

  • Description About product will be added and Button setting on the homepage just click on edit button and select Show Now and put the link of your website. And Save it.

Set Up Your Shop Section | Set Up Your Shop Section |

  • Your Page Button is Integrated for your website for Shopping.

You can add products with Images(Size 1024 px x 1024 px) Using given Form. By the way, the product add button will appear on the same page of the shop so don’t worry about this.

Add Product Form |



In this article, you learn about how to create a Facebook business page and Facebook shop. Most important You learn about what kind of information you need from your Client If you are working on Fiverr and Upwork or other Freelancing Platforms. So You Just need to follow all the above steps and you will be able to earn a good revenue or pocket money for yourself.

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