How to configure Rankmath WordPress SEO plugin | Step by step

Configure the Rankmath WordPress SEO plugin complete step-by-step guide, we have also included Google Search Console. How to start your blog?

Great that you’ve decided to install Rankmath

Before moving forward to install the Rankmath plugin, we recommend using good hosting service providers such as A2hosting – BlueHost – Namecheap, etc., so that you get good results when people visit your blog.

Let’s start the installation of the WordPress plugin Rankmath

Before installing the Rankmath plug-in, you must register for free on the Rankmath website to complete the configuration of the Rankmath plug-in.

Once you are done with the registration process, now install the Rankmath plug-in.

Once installed, you will see the “Connect FREE account” screen where you must enter the login details of the Rankmath account to activate the plug-in.

After Activation, you will see another screen where Rankmath will perform some checks on your Blog to verify compatibility and you will also see other options to follow during the configuration process.

Complete all options by clicking on “Start Wizard”

Import data from another installed SEO plug-in

Rankmath SEO Plugin can import data from another SEO plugin that is already installed in your Blog.

Importing data from another add-on can help maintain SEO settings and your Blog will not face any SEO problem.

Rankmath Plugin will automatically detect the SEO plugin installed on your blog and Max Blogger is using Yoast SEO.

Once the plug-in is detected, you can select the option of what data you need to import and what data you don’t want.

When you click on Start Import, the old plug-in will be automatically deactivated and the data you have deselected will be lost, so it is recommended to select all options and import.

Select the category of your website

In the next step, you must select the type of website and, consequently, an additional configuration will be made.

Before moving on, we must understand when selecting the type of website, in Rankmath you see many options in the type of website, but all options are divided into 2 personal and commercial categories.

If you select Business type 2, additional options displayed so that your SEO settings defined according to the nature of your business.

Google logo

The next step is to load the logo of your website that Google will refer to as the logo of your website and the resolution of the logo should be a minimum of 160 x 90 pixels and the maximum resolution should be 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Share social image

In this option, you can select the image you want for the image as a brand image while sharing on social networks.

Set up Rankmath for blog

If you have Blog, you must choose the following options in the type of website.

  • Personal blog
  • Personal portfolio
  • Another personal website

For the configuration of the Business type website, see the Rankmath website.

Google search console

Submitting your blog / website to the Google search console is very important to get the position n. 1 in Google Search.

In 3 steps you can integrate Google Search Console with Rankmath

  • Make confident your blog connected to Google Search Console
  • Rankmath connected to Google Search Console
  • Configure the correct settings to search for data in the Google Search Console

Make confident your blog connected to Google Search Console

To connect your blog / website to the Google search console, you must log in to the Google account and search for webmaster

Once you log in, you will see below the screen, but if you connect the first time, you will see the blank screen.

Now at the top left, you will see the drop-down option and from there, you must select the option “Add new property”

After that, another screen will appear showing 2 options “Domain” and “URL Prefix”

The domain option used when a website has multiple subdomains and it is difficult to verify ownership. So we will go with the URL prefix option to verify ownership.

Enter your domain in the URL prefix Click Continue and you will see another screen with verification options. We will use the HTML tag option to verify domain ownership.

Copy the above code and log in to WordPress admin -> Rankmath -> General Settings -> Webmaster Tool and paste the code into the Google search console and click save.

Note: This is not Rankmath authentication, this code is to verify that you are the owner of this domain.

Connect Rankmath to Google Search Console

After verifying the property, we now need to authenticate Rankmath to get data in the Google Search Console. So click “Get authorization code” when you click, a pop-up window will appear with all the Gmail IDs you signed in with. But You must select Gmail ID that you used to verify ownership.

On the next screen, you must allow Rankmath SEO to allow search data to reach the Google search console.

After that, you will see the authorized code, copy and close the window.

Now Paste that code into the Google Search Console option of Rankmath and you’re done.

Site Map Settings

Keep your Sitemap configuration as above.

Optimization settings of Rankmath WordPress SEO plugin

Keep your optimization settings according to the following image.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the installation and configuration of the Rankmath WordPress SEO plugin.


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